Words & Music: Adelaide nic Aoidh
Source: email

at the mosque nearby and swear to steal our lands
We pray each day where the sun does rise for Allah's holy word
we raise our blades at the arrow flight 'gainst the white man's straight drawn swords

The Jews this spring held the numbers ray for such violence for they prayed
But we stand strong 'gainst these men who long to lay us in our graves
Side by side 'neath the burning sky with sweat across our brow
We wait for Allah to show our fate as around our walls they prowl

Days they pass like centuries as wartime blood is shed
Prayers are mixed with the passing sun no time to rest our head
From star striped throats comes their battle cry "God wills it" rings on high
But starvation is their death mistress their darkness she brings nigh

The pale white sons from a foreign land with the Bible in their hand
Waiver not from their God's mission, stone by stone they breach our land
Their ships bring food and from their wood, war towers grand they build
My brothers now like my enemies, swiftly do they kill

Our place is a prayer unto Allah high are burned to ash and ground
Children killed and women raped leave a deafening sound
The skys are black, the sand is red so many lost so xxx
My mother brothers for you I pray, my brothers for you I weep

Vengeance is born out of blood and death, like a child from the womb
My sons and theirs shall know this vow and take it to their tomb
The kingdom of heaven shall not last long in the hands of foreign men
These pale white sons shall know their Sod before this war time ends

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