After the Season of War

Words and Music: Dorcas Whitecap

Hearken now to a lesson learned
Better the grapes of plowland turned
Than the mire and the muck of a battlefield churned
By the hungry boots of armies at war

A man may mark the turning year
By plowshares bite and scythe blade's shear
But the time between is for sword and spear
For he owes his liege the season of war

And you who dream of vict'ry grand
Who long to sup at the King's right hand
Should have a care for the humble land
That lies in the path of armies at war

The cry of birds that chase the plow
With a melody more sweet I vow
Than the greedy shrieks of carrion crows
That feed in the swath of armies at war

A newborn babe may cry at night
But his mother's voice will soothe his fright
But a new-made soldier wakes till light
With none to ease the terrors of war

And you who eat with jeweled knife
Who take a dowered lady to wife
Should give a thought to a common man's life
When you plan to raise a levy for war

A fairer cause to bend a bow
Is to hunt the flesh of the fallow doe
Than to seek the life of a distant foe
Who would seek your own in the season of war

On summer hillsides cattle graze
Till harvest casts it's golden haze
And the chilling wind and short named days
Soon bring an end to the waging of war

And you will wage a great campaign
to win a crown and a noble name
Will face defeat by freezing rain
When nature ends the season of war

Harken now to a lesson learned
Heed the year wheel's stately turn
For snow will fall and ice will churn
To bring and end to the season of war

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