Anne's Song

Words & Music: Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora
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Love me, speak to me softly
Love me, speak to me, sweetly sing
Place me upon your altar
My immortal King

Here beneath the sun
Here beneath the watchful stars
Promise me a kingdom
Promise me your heart

They claim me as a vixen
You claim me as your lover sweet
Keep her behind closed doors
To make me your next Queen

Love me, laugh with me loudly
Love me, laugh with me, sweetly sing
Place me upon your throne
My immortal King

I have bore you a daughter
But I can bare you no son, no heir
But look at your glowing daughter
With her father's flame red hair

You claim me as a vixen
You claim your daughter a bastard child
Keep me behind closed doors
To marry your next wife

Hate me, speak to me harshly
Hate me, curse me, crudely sing
Send me to your tower
My immortal King

Flaming locks of red
Running through flowered fields of green
Flowing locks of red
My immortal Queen

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