Calon Shield Wall

Words: Helena Panier & Maeve
Tune: Greased Lighting (Grease)
Source: performance script

This war is unclimactic! Undramatic! Psychosymatic!
Why, it could use the Calon shield wall!

We'll get some overhead banners and beef-fed Kansas boys (Keep talkin' woa, keep talkin)
Armored up with a few dozen rattan toys (We'll get 'em ready, we'll get 'em ready)
With a sneer on their lips
They're gonna break your hips
No need to talk the shit
When you're in the thick of it
Go, Calon Shield Wall

Go Calon Shield Wall,
You're breakin' through the Pennsic mile (Go Calon Shield Wall, go Calon Shield Wall) You're pushing through the Aten line (Go Calon Shield Wall, go Calon Shield Wall) You are supreme
Caid'll scream
At Calon Shield Wall!

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