Hero's Blues

Words and Music: Hryim de Guillon

You say you'd be a hero, well young fighter sit you down
Share a song, it won't take long with friends all gathered 'round
for many here are heroes within their heart of hearts
though few 'round here from Calontir would care to claim the part

They rise up in the morning heeding to their bugle's call
While you rest your head in bed heaping scorn upon them all
For that's the hero's way my friend, to hell with all the rules
And surely yonder brazen blaring sounds for other fools

Just before the cannons roar you jump into you gear,
Twin broadswords strapped to hand to fill your foes with fear
Your comrades mock your weapon choice, give you shit about your role
But they don't hear the battle's music roaring in your soul

At the lay-on you rush out, full tilt upon the sod
Ringing war cry heralds the field of its newest melee god,
Do the blows fall hard upon you, all heedless to your pleas
Or do you charge with swords in hand and drive them to their knees?

Will a knight, a duke, a man at arms slake the fury of your blades
Or will you die upon the foemen's spears, thick as forest glades
Will you capture all their banners, glory falling like the rain
Or will you rot the live long day beneath the piles of slain

The battle ends, the war points won, good fight to one and all
You get the names of those you've slain, to fill your hallowed halls
Fame won with your slashing swords, slicing glory from the day
But hero's wages must be spent for soon they fade away...

Your glory's coin, good til the morn, gets you drunken and adored,
a longing glance, a warm embrace, that pretty singing lord...
A meal, a toast, a noble gift, your tale sung round the fire
May the night reward your deed ofswords with all you can desire

At day's begin you stagger in, to face anew the camp's disdain
Every victory out upon the field now claims its tithe in pain
The raging sun is cruel and strong on your badly beaten frame,
And all of last night's fleeting glory must be earned again

So you say you'd be a hero, well young fighter sit you down
Share a song it won't take long with friends all gathered round,
For many here are heroes and all have paid the dues,
So have a seat beside me now and sing a hero's blues.

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