The Huscarl's Tale

Words: Angus of Blackmoor
no tune, a story not a song
Source: Collection of Songs by Angus of Blackmoor

The Huscarl's Tale

When the November rains did fall on the Calon soil
A bold German Graf did in a tourney toil.
Shadan sought the crown that we all hold dear
To reign once again in Calontir,
But more than his wish to wear the crown
Did give incentive to he of renown.
For a fair French lady, her favor he wore,
To tourney he went once more.

The king called the combatants to his hall
And bade them to make their claim to all.
When Shadan's name the herald pronounced
The German Graf on a huscarl pounced
His mighty sword he wielded well
And soon was heard a solemn knell
For the fallen Scottish lord
A victim of Sir Shadan's sword

He through the ranks of the tourney sped
On through the lists his foes he shed
And till the finals he had no rest
He held his sword and met the test.
Then began the final round
Sir Nathan Adelaar stood his ground
And met the Graf with great long blade
And he himself the victor made.

Though the victor of the fight was he
The tourney wasn't over, twas two of three.
Since Shadan chose his weapon first
A sword and shield quenched Nathan's thirst
Estoc! Estoc! went up the yell!
Shadan thrust and Nathan fell.
Then when each their favorite weapon took
The crowd with sheer excitement shook.

The end was near for both the knights
The slain would gain honor from his fights,
But the victor would rule these Calon lands
And crown his queen with his two hands.
Lay on was called and they did charge,
Sir Shadan with his sword so large
And Sir Nathan with his shield
Only to death did bold Sir Nathan yield.

The gathered crowd let out a roar
As Shadan's sword dropped to the floor.
The herald announced Sir Shadan's name
As victor of that day of fame
To all the Calons gathered round,
And soon the King, a Prince he crowned
And Shadan knew he would be next
To be the one called Calon Rex.

But he, alone, could never rule,
If he tried he'd be a fool
And so he called to his lady fair
And she came forth with a regal air
And he made her Princess Calontir,
And with his words there raised a cheer
And all made merry in the land
The ring would ride on Shadan's hand.

There ends this part the first
And if for more you might thirst
There will be more my good lord
Good King Shadan and his sword
Lead us to war this season
And many follow with good reason
For all who chanced to see him kill
Know of his great and mighty skill.

Copyright Charles Dennison. Copyable within the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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