Kay's Song

Words: Elasait ingen Diarmata
Music: Erich Hlodowechssun
Source: Erich's Songbook

Kay's Song

I once dreamed the dreams of a hero.
My birthright it was, I thought then
To do glorious deeds, and perhaps win the crown
      But the call went to you
      For your bloodline ran true
And to you went the old king's high seat and renown.

So you set up your court at Tintagel,
And to you came the brave warriors all,
For you were the hope of our fair troubled land.
      And the battle was joinedó
      Oh, the songs the bards coined!
As enemies fell to your mighty sword hand.

But warfare, you learned, is expensive,
And the realm's business needs tending still.
Though you'd plenty of men with great strength of arm
      You needed one most
      To assume all the host
Of small worries and ills, lest they do the realm harm.

So you looked to your own foster brother
Who'd distinguished himself not at all,
And you charged me to see that your law was not lost,
      To account for your gold,
      Care for folk young and old,
And my duty to check you when you'd not heed the cost.

Round my neck hangs the key of your kingdom,
And to me fall the day to day chores
Of preserving this delicate world that we've raised.
      And though faithfully done,
      My deeds won't be sung
By the bards, for few realize just what that key weighs.

So bow to your king as he strides through his hall
With the fairest of queens at his side.
And tell of his knights and their bright deeds of fame
      In story and song
      Of a proud reign, and longó
Then look behind and remember his first servant's name.

Lis (Elasait ingen Diarmata in the SCA) was inspired to write this by the character of Sir Kay in many Arthurian tales, especially John Steinbeck's The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights.

Lyrics copyright © 2004 Lis Schraer, Music copyright © 2004 Erich Schraer

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