A Mad Quest For Glory
(Vortemir's Theme)

Words and Music: Vortemir Fire-tender
A.S. XXX (November 18, 1995)

We're there and then gone again
Men call us Norsemen
We strike without warning
With the fury of the sea

They call out to their gods and ask
Protection from the Northmen
We sail to where
Wenches, gold, and glory might be

Row for the shore boys
There's Victory! Victory!
Row for the shore
There'll be glory for thee
Row for the shore
There'll be Victory! Victory!
We are the Norsemen
We're wild and we're free

We stormed the shores of England
In a Mad quest for glory
Ne'er a man among us
Gave thought to the deed

We faced their king's army
They had all heard the stories
They beat us down smartly
Now our one hope is speed

Run for the shore boys
They're after thee, after thee
Run for the shore
For we must reach the sea
Run for the shore They'll
Be after thee, after thee
We are the Norsemen
We must remain free

We numbered not many
When at last we reached the shoreline
Our longships lay burning
High flames o'er the sea

I turned to my men and said
Our mistress is waiting
Turn to the North
If your homes you would see

Turn to the north boys
Go quietly, quietly
Turn to the North
If your homes you would see
Turn to the North and go quietly, quietly
I pray that Lord Woden look kindly on thee

I traveled due North
Till again I found the coastline
I cast weary eyes
O'er the high rolling sea

There stood a wench beside me
When again I saw the coastline
Great with my son
And of a strong will was she

I've reached the Highlands
They comfort me, comfort me
A strong home I've made
And a good wife is she
I've found the highlands
They comfort me comfort me
But no more my home
In the North will I see

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