Words: Dahrien Cordell
Music: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Sing it, Hey, Buddy, Buddy, Got some more novice-putty
To mash and mangle now!
Death is such a feeling, gonna send you reeling,
Only question is: just how?

I think I'll use my sword, no. I think I'll use my mace, no.
Why don't I just use 'em BO-OOOOOOOOTH? (yeaaahhhh )
Gosh, I love my new pell! Blood has such a great smell.
Wonder where to hit you NE-EEEEEEEEEXT.

Sing it, Hey, Buddy, Buddy, You think you're a quick study,
But you're just not quick enough.
The anguished screams you're givin' are what keep me livin
Poor kid, ain't life rough?

Who loves to bash ya', smash ya', and trash ya'?
Yeah, that's right novice: it's ME-EEEEEEEEEE!
I'll weed out the bad ones, then one-shot the good ones,
Never leave a novice STA-AAAAAAANDING!

Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya, Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya.
Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya, Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nyaaaaahh

Sing it, Hey, Buddy, Buddy, Why's your face so muddy?
Been spending time on the ground?
Come on little tough-man; can't be such bad stuff, man,
My sticks only weigh three pounds.

You say there's no sport here; you'd rather fight Asgeirr.
That's okay, he's a MA-AAAAAAAAARSHAL, too.
You want another chance, guy, to try to knock me sky-high.
You gotta be kidding; HA-AAAAAAAAHAHAHA!!!

Sing it, Hey, Fuddy-Duddy, I got you all bloody!
Who's the one laughing now?
I'm still standing; saw your two - point landing
On the turf: OOOH! OOOW!

Your decapitation gave me my author'sation!
Sorry, old man, that's the WA-AAAAAAAAAAY it goes.
I'll go on to win big; you're invited to the shindig

Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya, Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya.
Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya, Nyah-Nya-Nya-Nyaaaaahh...

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