Words and Music: Dolan Madoc
Source: email

I joined the Calon host today and marched off to the field,
I found a place within the wall and swore to never yield.
I may not know the songs to sing, and I may lack for skill
But when those marshals cry 'Lay on!' you'll find I have the will.
Battered, bruised and soaked in sweat, weary from the war,
I'm spent as I lie down to rest, but all I want is more.…

More foemen to fight on the field, more friends here by my side,
More melees caught up in the press to turn the battle’s tide,

More strength in my sword arm, more hours at the pell
More listfields, tourneys, practices in armor hot as hell

More jerky, soup and pickles, more fruit and gatorade
More waterbearers with big jugs and biscuits in the shade

More repair work on gauntlets, more duct tape on my sword,
More dents to bang out from my shield, at least I won’t get bored.

I joined the Calon host again and marched off to the field
I know my place within the wall, I swear I'll never yield
I’ve learned a song or two to sing and I've picked up some skill
And when those marshals cry 'Lay on!', you know I have the will
Battered bruised and soaked in sweat, I long for melees roar
And though we're headed homeward, I will be back for more...

More desperate battles where we’ve lost, more battles where we’ve won
More miles out upon the road to wars beneath the sun

More scutums to load in the truck, more space to store my gear
More days to fight for King and Queen and shout out “Calontir!”

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