No Need to Stand Alone

Words: Dahrien Cordell

The 1st, 3rd and 5th verses VI/ere Calontir's gift to Ealdormere, upon the battlefield, Pennsic XXII. From Lord Dahrien Cordell's wit and pen. The 2nd, 4th, and 6th verses were Ealdormere's grateful reply, Pennsic XXIII. From Master Hector's wit and pen, with grateful acknowledgement to Lord Justinian Clarius, Whose wit and voice saved the impromptu responses on the battlefield.

O Ladies and Lords of Ealdormere (Wassail, drink hael!)
We're glad you're good friends of Calontir (Wassail, drink hael!)
With wolf pups on the ground and our wings in the sky
Our banners and spirits we'll both lift on high
And that's one good reason there's no need to stand alone!

There're falcons flying high and free (Wassail, drink hael!)
Among clouds from the inland sea (Wassail, drink hael!)
Which drifted southwards, pure and clear
As dreams of snowy Ealdormere
And while such dreams fly you never shall stand alone!

Unity, brotherhood, kindred souls (Wassail, drink hael!)
From blistering climes to northern cold (Wassail, drink hael!)
On field of battle or sharing our song
We know that our friendship will always live on
And that's one more reason there's no need to stand alone!

There're wolves who over far hills lope (Wassail, drink hael!)
Through forest glade and meadows slope (Wassail, drink hael!)
Upon the northern shores they stand
Gazing to the falcon's land
And while wolves gaze south you never shall stand alone!

Though born of two different regions, we (Wassail, drink hael!)
We revel in camaraderie (Wassail, drink hael!)
So fill your glasses and raise them on high
Our people's together will show you just why
There's every reason there's no need to stand alone!

So now have met the best of kin (Wassail, drink hael!)
The kind that sword and song do win (Wassail, drink hael!)
And as beat hearts in Calontir
So courses blood in Ealdormere
And with hearts like these we never shall stand alone!

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