The Queen Of The Turks

Words and Music: Conn MacNeill
Written for Queen Brayden in her first reign

Allah is powerful,
Allah is merciful,
Blessed be the name of Allah.

He sends into our midst a flower of the mountain,
Crowned with purest gold is she,
Wisdom's mark upon her brow of tender years,
Beloved of man and beloved of Allah.

Like the small bird's song,
She brings peace and laughter to the troubled mind.
Tranquil and cool as the oasis is she in time of peace.

Fierce and resolute is she when the drums of war are heard.
On swift horse, with sword and bow,
She rebukes the host of our enemies.
A warrior queen to smite those who would seize what we hold,
What she protects!

Blessed shall be her life and her reign!
Blessed be the name of Allah!

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