Valkyrie Song

Words:Mikal Hrafspa (Mikal the Ram)
Source: Cantaria
Notes from Mikal:
Some of my best stuff is done after midnight beside a campfire...
I composed this song after hearing a true story from an Ansterroran who had come to Lilies the year we did the Viking wars and saw the most beautiful girl in the world working as a water-bearer. He watched her for a good twenty seconds, (He claimed a n hour) but before he could speak to her, she was gone. He searched for the entire war without finding her.
The next year, he found her right off. He was going to take her to camp that night, to introduce to his household, but the girl had married in the year between the wars. This noble spent the hour with her not speaking his heart, to keep from interfering with the honor of their marriage. She gave him a gift, that year. A lock of her hair, in a small leather bag. (Damn! Stories like that make me cry...)

Alone by the fire, a warrior I knew
Told me this tale, and I pray it is true.

From far Ansteorra our dragon-ship came
To fight for good Halidar on Lilied plain
My sword I had lent seeking honor and fame
Or Odin's great hall in the fray

We charged into battle, the sun beating high
Our battle-horns sounding a victory nigh
Our spears crossed their arrows like hawks in the sky
Leaving many men dead on the way

Sing me no songs of angels I pray
For a Valkyrie found me in battle that day

The battle was long and the sun was like fire
The heat drove us down like a funeral pyre
Though many I'd slain, now my bloodlust did tire
Struck down by the heat of the day

The battle moved onward from where I was laid
I drew of my helmet to rest in the shade
When a soft even tread, like the wind in a glade
Brought a daughter of Asgard my way

Sing me no songs of angels I pray
For a Valkyrie found me in battle that day

She gave me cool drink 'till my wits came again
Be fore I could speak she was gone like the wind
Had I but died, I could follow her then
But I lay with the living that day

Long I did search, a full year I have mourned
And told all my brothers this love I have bourne
But she is of Asgard, and I of this shore
So here with my brothers I stay

Sing me no songs of angels I pray
For a Valkyrie found me in battle that day

True to this dream like the tale I have told
Close to my heart, a small pouch I still hold
And in it a lock of her hair pure as gold
This I carry to battle this day

Alone by the fire
A warrior I knew
Told me this tale
And I pray it is true.....

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