Well Loved Rogue

A song probably too mournful for two so bouyant.

Words: Andrew of Wolvenwood
Music: Parcel of Rogues
Source: Wolvenwords

Farewell our Northern Baronage
Now lessened is our glory,
And fond farewell to Sir William,
So famed in song and story.
From Grimfells shire to the Shadowdale
Did he bear chivalry and wisdom,
So raise a cup in a stout wassail
Such a well-loved rogue in a Kingdom.

With heart and strength he was endowed
In battle cool and cagey
Fighting for his beloved home
And Rosamund his fair lady
'Tis the saddest day since our Kingdom's birth
I will make this declaration
For they lie at rest in the Calon Earth
Such a well-loved rogue in a Kingdom.

Though would never I had seen the day
That tragedy thus would smite us,
I know I hear Sir William say
"Let nothing stop or stay us."
For his dream's now held in our Kingdom's hands
And his trust will ne'er be broken.
Let his honor live throughout our land -
Such a well-loved rogue in a kingdom.

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