Were You There?

Words: Hyrim de Guillon
Tune: Chorus to "Turkish Song of the Damned" by the Pogues
Source: email

Did you keep a watch for the Lizard King?
Did you wait by the bridge your trap to spring?
Did you hold the field with blade in hand
and for the light of freedom stand?
Or did you come from the western lands
And join the fierce Triad war bands?
To take the field in glory's name
To win your everlasting fame.

Chorus: O' were you there upon the day?

Did you heel to the heroes call?
Did many foes to your blades fall,
Fill three rivers course with crimson flood
Or wash your spears in lizard's blood?
Or did you die on Cormac's spear?
Did the lizards gaze kill you with fear?
To leave your bleached and broken bones
Among the fields of standing stones.

O' were you there upon the day?

And did you stand upon the field
When the Lizard King bade Cormac yield?
"To Leave off from this wasteful strife
At the price of freedom buy your life"
And did you hear Cormac's reply?
"Before we yield we all shall die!
For ever bright burns freedom's light
While any live who stand and fight!"

O were you there upon the day?

And did you hold the banners high
On windswept plain 'neath clouded sky,
'Til monarchs will and searing cold
Did the battlefield in peace enfold?
And did you rise at the battle's end
To share a drink with foe and friend
And sing of bold deeds done before?
O' were you there at the Triad War?

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