With the King of Calontir

Words: Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon
Tune: Bonnie Ship the Diamond
Source: email
MIDI file

When I was young I'd watch as Calon Knights returned from war,
And told us tales of honor and the battles won before.
I followed them at 16 years, a Calon man to be,
Now I'll outfight any foreign Knight, and out drink any three.

So now drink up me lads, grab your sword, axe and spear,
'Cause we're heading to Estrella... with the King of Calontir.
Alternative endings:
- 'Cause we're heading out to Pennsic... with the King of Calontir.
- 'Cause we're heading down to Gulf Wars... with the King of Calontir.

So, raise a cheer unto the King, and Queen for whom we sing,
And muster with the army as the Falcon takes to wing.
Now lift your voices up in song, and quickly wave goodbye
Together we'll march to the war, with spears and banners high.


The King has called the Falcon Host from all part of the land,
With Chivalry and Men-at-arms, He'll proudly make a stand.
Around him stand His Huscarls, and soldiers of the Fyrd,
Below the Falcon Banner, we're a host the foe must fear.


Here's a toast to the Prince and Princess, who'll one day sit the thrones,
And muster us for foreign wars, then proudly lead us home.
And one day you'll tell battle tales, of honors won before,
And lead new generations of the Falcon Host to war.


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