Lilies War Known World Choir

The Known World Choir is a group of people from across the Kingdoms of the SCA who love to sing a cappella choral music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Singers gather, rehearse and perform at major SCA wars like Estrella and Pennsic. This year, the Known World Choir is performing at Lilies War! A willingness to rehearse and the ablility to read sheet music are the only requirements.

If you want to participate, please contact Brice le Raton and supply the following information:

The rehearsals are listed in the RUSH class section; they will be 2 hours daily, Wednesday through Saturday. The Known World Choir will perform late Saturday afternoon, prior to Court. So if you can carry a tune, are looking for a good way to meet new friends, and want to help create performance art from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, join us!

Lilies KWC Pieces

MIDI files can be played by most computers. NWC files are Noteworthy Composer files and can be played (sheet music) with a free viewer available at If available, PDF files (Adobe Acrobat) files can be read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Faith, Love & War




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