Official Reports


Quarterly and Domesday reports are sent to the appropriate regional deputy.
A copy should be kept in the files and a copy must be given to the group seneschal.

The instructions for filling out the forms are available online. These are instructions I wrote for the new report sheets, the corporate office should have "official" instructions out soon. The new forms are available in an Excel or PDF version on this site.

If you are having trouble balancing a report check out the Society Exchequer's tips and be willing to ask for help. Try having someone else look at it with you, they may see something you are missing. If there is another group near you or you also report to a Baronial exchequer, maybe you can talk to that exchequer. Contact your Regional -they are there to help you, and if it means getting your report earlier, then that makes their job easier as well.

If you can't figure it out in a couple of sessions and no one locally can help you, contact your Regional then. Don't wait until your report is already late to ask for help, that will just compound the situation. (this paragraph is from Aidan's Tips and Tricks)

Just like I said you could use extra space on the deposit slips (after checking with your bank) for recording more information, you can use the blank parts of the reports (within reason) to record extra information. Have a new expense? Maybe your group spent a lot of money in Occupancy, ER, but didn't have an event. Since there is a good chance that your regional will give you a call asking about this, why not explain it in the comments section (or just write a cover letter) and on the Expense sheet write "see comments (or letter) out to the side.

Speaking of comments, you are welcome to write a cover letter if the comments area is not sufficient. The comments area or a letter could discuss any problems you are having currently or can see coming in the future. Good news is nice to share also, it could be disconcerting for everyone in the kingdom but your regional to know that you are getting (married/a peerage/crowned*.) Writing a letter can be a good way of making sure past problems are solved and recording what happened. The reports are our official records and acknowledging problems, explaining what actions were taken and what can be done in the future to avoid such problems is a "good idea."

*BTW, you cannot be treasurer of any group of the SCA and be a crowned head. But what a darn good reason to quit!


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