Other reporting

You might send a report to your local newsletter. Including the group's Balance and any upcoming purchases already approved would let people know how the group is doing.

After your group has an event submitting an event report listing your profit/loss on your event would be nice..

Remember that you must publish the Domesday Comparative Balance Sheet and Income Statement yearly. You might also publish those sheets from your Quarterly reports (depending in large part how much room your chronicler has.) There are PDF files of these pages online at www.calontirtreasurers.org and the Society Exchequer has said that you may publish a notice of the webpage as long as you make paper copies available to those who request them.

Any member may ask to see "the books" and you must comply within a reasonable amount of time. The financial information is NOT confidential. If you have a situation you are uncomfortable with, contact your regional and/or the Kingdom Treasurer for assistance.

Have the group's bank balance available at meetings you attend and try to make the information available at those meetings you are unable to attend. Knowing how much money is available makes it easier for groups to vote on purchases and plan events.


The treasurers office is one of the offices that carries very real, as well as perceived, responsibility and power. If the entire group wants to run out and spend the groups money on something not allowed by the rules, the treasurer has the right and the obligation to say no. As often as neccessary and with the backing and support of Kingdom superiors. This power (both real and perceived) also means the office can be used to play politics.

Playing politics is generally a "bad idea" in the treasurers office. You are there to keep track of the money and safeguard it for the Kingdom and the Society, not to further your households interests or your own.

If you are ever in a situation that could be misconstrued by others, please ask for advice from someone higher up in the chain of command (and your chain of command goes local ->regional treasurer->Kingdom Treasurer ->Society Treasurer, not local treasurer -> local seneschal.)

Example: you have a bad check from troll at an event. You immediately sent out a letter requesting payment. A month or two has gone by and you have gotten promises, but no action. The bad check is from someone who is a long-time member and friend of everyone locally and no one wants you to put the persons name on the report as having done this. CALL YOUR SUPERIOR You will be informed that you have no choice and must list the check as a receivable. The blame is thereby shifted outside the group and you have done your job. Feel free to write in the comments section about what an upstanding person this is and how you are sure they will make the check good soon.

Please do not deliberately put yourself in awkward situations. Playing games with the Society's money (and it really all does belong to the SCA, Inc.) is a very fast way to lose your position and possibly more (depending on how "awkward" we're talking about.)

If you cannot work with the crucial members of the group, mainly the seneschal and the members of the financial committee, it may be time to think about stepping down. If you are having problems with your regional, talk to the Kingdom Treasurer and ask for help. If your problem is with the Kingdom Treasurer your choices are; quitting or putting up with it :-)

It is always better to quit an office before you burn out. Try to have a deputy (or two) who has filled out reports and is a signatory so that when you realize you are getting crispy you have a replacement ready (after the Kingdom Treasurer approves.)

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