Anti-Viking Challenge Song

Words: Ayrbaird MacTavish
Tune: Lumberjack Song
Source: Standing Song Stone Book
MIDI file

Oh, they're the Vikings, and they're not so great,
Their thirst for gold they cannot sate.
They're pagans and barbaric too,
Our finer things they crave.
They rape all of our women,
And then they say they're brave.

Oh, they're the Vikings, and they're not so strong,
They made the trip in ships so long,
They came from o'er the stormy waves,
Which only fools would cross,
They rob our greatest treasures,
The lesser ones they toss.

Oh, they're the Vikings and they're not so grand,
They journey south to foreign lands.
They're rapists, thieves and killers,
They sack our every kirk,
They o'erpower our priest-chiefs
With broadsword, shield and dirk.

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