Standing Song Stone Book

Compilers: Crag "Goodleech" Duggin and Donal MacRorie
Lettering and Celtic Art by Alarba
Source: have copy
Standing Song Stone Book Cover

From Crag:
I, with the help of Donal MacRorie, put the Standing Songs Stonebook together in 1980 because there were at time only four songbooks available for postreveling: The Middle Kingdom Songbook, the Three Rivers SongBook, The Plague Rat Songbook, and Coeur d Boeuff's Rakes Songbook.

The first two were out of print, the latter two were small and had only a few topical songs. I wanted something for Calontir post reveling, I also wanted to select my favorites to increase their use, and try filking myself. I filked Men of Calon (Harlech), My Grandfathers Cock (Clock), and Sixteen Knights (Tons) ("St Moonwulf don't you call me, cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the armorer's store" ---- yeah. pretty weak, I know)

It was small, had about 30 songs, and a blue cover.

Table of Contents

Men of Calon by Goodleech music
Calontir by Maegril Elentur Amono (from Calon Song) music
Calontir Stands Alone by Brom Blackhand music (from Calon Song)
A Calontir Song by William Coeur du Boeuf (from Calon Song)

Surgeon's Lament (or, The Standing Stones Challenge Song) by Crag Duggan (Goodleech) et al music
What Shall We Do With A Drunken Shireling? by Goodleech

Brumbar Went to a Wedding by Balloux d'Aurillac, Dunsel Shadowcatcher, and Guy of Flanders.
Twelve Stages of Authorization by Harald of Three Rivers
Be True to Your Shire Amleth macAuleth
Help Me Brummbar by Amleth MacAuleth
Hooked on SCA Games By Lyra de la Lunargent
Song of the Peoples (In Part from A Songbook of Some Middle Kingdom Favorites)
Imperium Compound music (In Part from A Songbook of Some Middle Kingdom Favorites)
My Seneschal's Fault (from A Songbook of Some Middle Kingdom Favorites)
Chivalry by Lady Morgana bro Morganwyg music (from Calon Song)
Hark! The Heralds Loudly Cry by Sir Steven MacEanruig (from the NESFA Hymnal, 2nd ed.)
A Traitor Baron Song by Brom Blackhand (from Calon Song) music
Still Another Traitor Baron Song by Goodleech
Plague Rat by the Barony of Three Rivers (from Tales of Baron Stephen Ironhand)

Descent of the Dragon by Donal MacRorie music
Skean Dhu by Amleth MacAuleth
The Great Norse Rover by Brom Blackhand music
I Am a Dane by Gwyneth Espicier music
Viking Song by Ayrbaird MacTavish
Anti-Viking Challenge Song by Ayrbaird MacTavish music
Rolling to Jerusalem by Brom Blackhand music
The Spanish Inquisition by Anthony R. Lewis music
Joy to the World by Steven MacEanruig and William the Lucky
Skye Boat Song
Bastard King of England music
Green Grow the Rushes, Oh!
Campbells are Comin

Temperance Union music
My God, How the Money Rolls In!
Limerick Song

High Fly the Nazgul by Ted Johnstone
Tiptoe 'cross the Rooftops by Robert Asprin
Fafhrd's Hangover by Robert Asprin

Zorabb's Song by Brummbär von Schwarzberg
Repent ye, Wretched Heretics
Viking Axe music
We Will Kill You
Catapult Song
Slaying Orcs

P.W. Ate
Oh, Atenveldt
The Marvelous Beard music
La Belle Dam
Up the Midrealm

I'm a Rover
Kit Hath Lost Her Key
Prince Lir's Song
The Jolly Tinker
The Quest music
Thor's Son
Pict Song

Have I Told you of Paddockis?
Python Song
My Grandfather's Cock

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