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This page lists (I think) all the songbooks I have, the ones that are links I have entered. IF YOU HAVE SONGBOOKS that are Calontir and are NOT listed (or indicate that I need a better copy), please let me know if you can make me a copy. The MIDI files on the old songs are particularly in need of knowledgeable people to check them out. In many cases I've never heard the song sung, (or heard it 19 years ago) and have just copied a MIDI file from elsewhere on the net bearing the same title (if it's a filk) that seems to fit the words.

I am working on getting songbooks typed in. This is not going quickly, so far just a few are done. Any history that anyone would like to contribute about the songs or songbooks is welcome. Most of these songbooks do not have dates of publication, and when I collected them I wasn't thinking of this :-)

Started just scanning in songbooks, to at least limit the damage from time (and possible disaster). I don't own the rights to these books, and if the creators email me to remove them, I'll pull them down!

I moved the rest of the notes to a seperate page since they were starting to annoy me. If you want/need to read the notes on what I am trying to do, what the file types are, why the MIDI files are so bad, follow this link Ramblings and notes

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