The Coeur d'Ennui
Letchers Guild Songbook

Edited by William Coeur du Boeuf
Source: have photocopy

Table of Contents

Note: When I could, I put in the origin of the song, research is much easier since the Internet. Tunes were not included, and I don't remember or never heard Coeur d'Boeuf sing these. If a tune is indicated, I found it on the 'Net.

Four Able Physicians
Three Travellers
My Longing Desire
The Squire of Great Reknown
The Baffled Knight
Oh No, John!
The Lusty Young Smith
The Riddle
Blow the Candles Out
The Trooper
The Suprised Nymph
Put in All! Put in All!
Two Maidens Went A-Milking
The Comely Dame of Islington
Old Fumbler
A Wanton Trick
The Codfish
The Character of a Mistress
Maids When You're Young
Alexandria (Thais)
The Chastity Belt
The Lady and the Letcher
The Chandler's Shop
My First Love in Life
Bibliography, Discography, Acknowledgements

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