The Lady and the Lecher

Source: Coeur d'Ennui Letchers Guild Songbook Edited by William Coeur du Boeuf

The lady was a-dressing, a-dressing for the ball,
But then she saw the lecher making water on the wall:

With his bloody big dingle dangle
Swinging proud and free,
And never would he stop 'till it was over!
Hanging down! (Hanging down!)
Swinging free! (Swinging free!)
And never would he stop 'till it was over!

She wrote to him a letter, and in it she did say:
"I'd rather be had by a lecher than my husband any day!"

When the lecher got the letter, he began to shake,
His pants began to bulge a bit, his ballocks began to ache!

When he rode up to the castle, his heart was filled with pride,
His cape was o'er his shoulder, and his sword was by his side.

Well, he rode up to the castle, rode right into the hall,
"Lord save us," cried the chambermaid, "He's here to do us all!"

He had her on the sofa, he had her on the chair,
If he'd have had a pair of wings, he'd had her in the air!

First he did the lady, then her maidens too,
Next he did the butler, what a dirty thing to do!

The neighbors came a-running, the rich folks and the poor,
So he mounted them in order: "Gaudeamus egatur!"

They say he's died and gone below, they say he's down in hell,
They say he's up the Devil, and they say he's up him well!

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