My Longing Desire

Source: Coeur d'Ennui Letchers Guild Songbook Edited by William Coeur du Boeuf;
Thomas D'Urfey's Songs of Wit and Mirth, or Pills to purge Melancholy
Note from Letchers Guild Songbook:
D'Urfrey to the text from Alexander Brome's Songs and Other Poems (1661)

Ho, boy! Hey, boy!
Come, come away boy!
And bring me my longing desire:
A lass that is neat, and can do well the feat
When lusty young blood is on fire!

Let her body be tall,
And her waist be small,
And her age not above eighteen:
Let her care for no bed, but here let her spread
Her mantle upon the Green!

Let her face be fair,
And her breasts be bare,
And her voice let her have that can warble:
Let her belly be soft--but to mount me aloft,
Let her bounding buttocks be marble!

Let her have a cherry lip
Where I nectar may sip,
Let her eyes be as black as a sloe;
Dangling locks I do love, so that those hang above
Are the same with what grows below!

Oh, such a bonny lass
May bring wonders to pass,
And make me grow younger and younger:
And when'er we do part, she'll be mad at the heart,
That I'm able to tarry no longer!

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