Source: Coeur d'Ennui Letchers Guild Songbook

Bibliography, Discography, Acknowledgements


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The editor gratefully acknowledges the invaluable assistance of many of his friends:

Artwork: page 11-Luciana; Page 22 - Lady Alaine Anathea; all other- Meg of the Green Field;

Music (i.e., "Please play this one for me - you know I can't read music.") Luciana and Jonathan Green Rider (Greenrider?)

Loan of Records: Jim Furstenberg (not SCA, but a fine letcher all the same); Marguerite Jeanette; Justin the Curator; Beorn Wendigo of the Ivory Tower (and his wife Abeilette des Mouline who actually had to unearth the albums for me)

Loan of Books: Lady Madeleine de Simenin-Jarvais; shusashi Juki; Judith the Honest; and, overwhelmingly, Jillian of Andeleye

Loan of Typewriters: Lady Alaine Anathea; Lord Hedric of Northumberland

For everything good in his life: his Lady wife, Rosamund

The observant reader will have noticed the disproportionate representation of the fair sex in the acknowledgements. There may be some truth in the final two lines of another favorite song of the Letchers Guild:

If all them young ladies were singing this song,
It would be twice as spicy and ten times as long!

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