Calon Song


Table of Contents

Celt's Song by Morgana music
Warrior's Saga (or, A Tale of Brumbar) by Morgana
Ironhand's Saga (or, a Retelling of the Traitor Baron Story with very little Regard for the Actual Sequence of Events) by Morgana music
Traitor Baron's Song (as opposed to songs about the Traitor Baron by Morgana music
Three Rivers Story by Morgana music
Chivalry by Morgana music
Mongol Nights (for Arwyn) by Morgana music
The Eyes Have It (or, Look Out! Here They Come Again!) by Morgana music
Bear's Song by Morgana
Atenveldt Crown (or, The First Battle Song of Calontir) by Morgana music
Pwyll and Rhiannon, a Welsh Myth by Morgana
Viking Ship by Morgana music
Little Saxons by Morgana music
Brom's Song (one for him and not by him) by Morgana music
Calontir Stands Alone by Brom Blackhand music
A Viking's Tale by Brom Blackhand
The Leaving of the Queen by Brom Blackhand music
Scourge of the SCA by Brom Blackhand music
Another Traitor Baron Song by Brom Blackhand music
My Love is Blue by Deirdre O'Kevane music
Coeur d'Ennui Song by William Coeur du Boeuf music
Coeur de Boeuf's Song by Treasa and Madelaine music
Girls of Three Rivers by William Coeur du Boeuf music
A Calontir Song by William Coeur du Boeuf
Coeur du Boeuf's Challenge Song by Anonymous music
A Dancer's History of the Middle Kingdom by Anonymous music
Some New Verses to Old Songs (New Verses to Imperium Compound and Plague Rat by Anonymous

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