Songs written by Morgana bro Morganwyg

Arms of Morgana bro Morganwyg: Or, seven stalks of wheat sable issuant from a crescent vert. mka: mka Carole Shieber
Stories available at: Oakhart Press Online
Source: assorted

Morgana's Songs

The Archer's Song
Atenveldt Crown music
Bear's Song
Brom's Song (one for him and not by him) music
Calontir Shield Wall music
The Celt's Song music
Chivalry music
The Eyes Have It (or, Look Out! Here They Come Again!) music
Ironhand's Saga or, A Retelling of the Traitor Baron Story with very little Regard for the Actual Sequence of Events
Little Saxons music
Local SCA
Mongol Nights (for Arwyn) music
Odin's Bards
Oh Pavel, Go Call the Shield Wall
Pwyll and Rhiannon a Welsh myth
Raven Banner (Irish Version) music
Three Rivers Story music
The Traitor Baron's Song (as opposed to songs about the Traitor Baron) music
Viking Ship music
The Warrior's Saga (or, A Tale of Brumbar)
Yul Song

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