Ironhand's Saga
or, A Retelling of the Traitor Baron Story with very little Regard for the Actual Sequence of Events

Words: Morgana
Tune: Anathea
Source: Calon Song
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Stephen Ironhand's called a traitor,
Traitor to the Middle kingdom,
He was sold out with Lambrusco
To the side of John BearKiller.

To Meridies went Ironhand,
Swiftly as a rabbit running,
And he joined them in the battle,
Fought against his own men forming.

Word was brought to Lady Arwyn
That her Baron was a Traitor.
"Find some rope and all my Hordesmen,
I will go and Find the Baron."

Lady Arwyn found the Baron,
Straightway to a stake she tied him.
"Arwyn, please, don't lose your temper!",
He suggested, as she eyed him.

Running up came Queen Zarina,
As the Horde was gathering kindling.
"Lady Arwyn, please don't fry him,
He's my Champion, untie him!"

Lady Arwyn thought it over,
Gracefully gave in to pleading.
"You stay loyal, Baron Ironhand,
I will have my brothers watching."

Baron Ironhand thought it over,
Straightway to the Queen went running,
"Loan me gold and six fine horses,
I think I'll try the Western Kingdom."

Traitor Baron, Traitor Baron,
Don't go out into the forest,
There behind the tall trees standing,
Are the well armed Hordesmen lurking.

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