Three Rivers Story

Words: Morgana
Tune: Monty Pythons Lumberjack Song
Source: Calon Song
MIDI file

Oh, I'm the Seneschal and I'm OK,
I'm always late, I lose my way,
I fill out forms, I mail them off,
And they come back to me,
How I got to be a Baron Is more than I can see.

He's the Seneschal and he's OK,
He's always late, he's lost his way,
He fills out forms, he mails them off,
And they come back to he,
How he got to be a Baron is more than we can see.

Oh, I'm Queens Champion and I'm OK,
Her enemies I'll proudly slay,
But first I think I'll eat my lunch
And take a nap til tea,
If Zarina needs defending then she can come find me.

Oh, he's Queen's Champion, etc.

Oh, I'm a Master Sergeant I'm OK,
I got my rank in Meridies,
I joined King John, I fought my King,
I fought my subjects too,
But I am still their baron, there's not much they can do.

Oh, he's a Master Sergeant, etc.

Oh, I'm the Traitor Baron, I'm OK,
I scheme all night and I plot all day,
I turn my coat, I join the foe,
I come back to our side,
I lead them into battle, and run away and hide.

Oh, he's the Traitor Baron, etc.

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