The Traitor Baron's Song
(as opposed to songs about the Traitor Baron)

Words: Morgana
Tune: Streets of Laredo
Source: Calon Song
MIDI file

As I walked out on the fields of Meridies
I saw their poor fighters outnumbered full score,
And then my great heart it just swelled up with pity,
To think these brave fighters would soon be no more.

I went to their King who was called John BearKiller,
I said to him, "John, you're in need of some aid,
For the sake of our friendship and my chivalrous nature,
I'll come over and join you in Meridies."

He said to me, "Stephen, how wonderfully noble,
Without you Three Rivers won't know what to do.
For you are well known for your wonderful fighting
And we know as a leader you're brave and you're true."

I said to him, "John it's a question of honor,
For I live by a code that is harsh but it's fair,
And in me you're getting the best I can offer,
Cause Arwyn will not let me give you BrumBar."

He said to me, "Stephen, we'll just have to make do,
I'll heap you with honors as fine as can be,
With you on our side all our chances are doubled,
They'll be after you then and not after me."

And so I set out then for the field of honor,
Fought against my own men for I knew it was right,
It's a chivalrous duty to help the outnumbered.
And besides John BearKiller let me lead the fight.

And then at the days end John paid me great honor,
I became Master-Sergeant unexpected by all.
I suppose honors come then to those who act nobly,
So, Gentlemen, honor a chivalrous call.

"By your deeds men will know you" would be a true statement,
I became the Queens' Champion on my honor alone,
So, comport yourselves as befitting your station,
And your reputation may equal my own.

I'm a new Mid Realm legend in song and in story,
And in truth now I tell you they all know my name,
For since I set foot on the fields of Meridies,
Things here in Three Rivers have not been the same.

The songsters are all singing tales of my glory,
Tho' the facts are not always just what I would say,
But I'll carry on in my noble behaviour,
Content it will get me a kingdom some day.

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