The Girls of Three Rivers

Words: William Coeur du Boeuf
Tune: The Old Orange Flute
Source: Calon Song
MIDI file (very similar to "Sweet Betsy from Pike")

Now lechers beware of the place called Three Rivers,
The women they have there would curl up your livers--
Now I'm a great lecher, but I know when I'm licked,
For the girls of Three Rivers are awful damn strict!

But they don't need a mace to pound you into yak dung,
Just Treasa Minara and her two-handed Great Tongue;
Get on her bad side -- your pride will be pricked,
For the Pride of Three Rivers is awful damn strict!

They've many Hordes-women, you'd best not annoy 'em:
The chief lady there -- in the Horde she's a Noyen!
Attract their attention -- as target you're picked;
Three Rivers Hordes-women are awful damn strict!

Yes, the chief lady there is one Arwyn Antare,
She'll not hesitate lads, if you go too far, hey --
Her patience is shoret and her tongue it is quick:
Like all of her ladies, she's awful damn strict!

The Lady Alphia, with charm, she is laden --
Beware of her lads, for she is a Whip Maiden!
Make one wrong remark and you're sure to be whipped --
Three Rivers Whip Maidens know how to be strict!

But sharper by far than the tooth of the shark,
And crueler than whips are the cutting remarks,
Like the ones Lady Madeliene likes to inflict,
For the girls of Three Rivers are awful damn strict!

So, lechers beware of the girls of Three Rivers --
I don't think those ladies approve of loose livers;
That's my opinion; I've seldom been tricked,
And I've found that those women are awful damn strict!

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