Some New Verses to Old Songs

Words: Anonymous
Source: Calon Song

Imperium Compound

Master Moonwolf was a very great fighter,
He led us to Pennsic and we did quite well,
But he lost to Imperium Compound
Now he collects his dues in Hell.
(He deserved it)

Good King Nathan, some thought him a no one,
But his twilsey was the best around,
Then he drank some Imperium Compound,
Now his twilsey can't be found!
(He's on it)

Plague Rat

Our seneschal is fond of lambrusco,
For two bottles he'll give you his head,
For three he will fight for Meridies,
For four he will stay in his bed.

Our seneschal is not a great leader,
He can't tell his friends from his foes,
And when he leads foes into battle;
His friends all say "Oh, let him go!"

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