My Love is Blue

Words: Deidre O'Kevane
Source: Calon Song
Midi file

Blue, blue my love is blue.
His feet are blue and his arms are blue too.
Blue, blue my love is blue.
His face is blue, a hideous hue.

Woad, woad my love is woad.
If he were green, he'd look like a toad.
Woad, woad his buns are woad.
He looks like a plum when he squats by the road.

And the sky, yes the sky above,
It is not as blue as my love.

Picts, picts they're everywhere.
They muddy Loch Ness and pollute the air.
Picts, picts it makes me swear,
His little pets always get in my hair.

Clay, clay he rolls in clay.
His skin's never seen the light of the day.
Hay, hay we rolled in hay,
Now to get this junk off, may take all day! Chorus

Blue, blue my love is blue.
Of one thing I'm sure my lover is true.
For let me ask of you
Who else would want a lover that's blue?

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