Tales of Baron Stephen Ironhand

Date: 1978
Source: have copy

Cover In the year AS. XIII (1978), the newly-created Barony of Three Rivers hosted the Crown Tournament. It was there that Lord Stephen Ironhand, Seneschal, was created Baron Three Rivers along with Lady Arwyn Antarae, his Pursuivant, as Baroness Three Rivers. Even before the news of his elevation had traveled Kingdom-wide, he had foully betrayed his King and Kingdom while inebriated at that same Crown Tourney Feast

Once Baron Stephen had lived in Meridies; he had been Knight's Marshall for a small group there, and he has (had?) many friends still living there, who obviously were not content to let him live his life in peace and quiet in Three Rivers. Through their machinations, Stephen Ironhand was led down the path of infamy and traitorous behavior.
These, and many other stories, circulated in the Barony, and the uproar caused in two Kingdoms because of the actions of one man is still a three-days' wonder. His now-famous battle cry, "Follow Me to Victory!" has been heard throughtout the Kingdoms; his motto, "Quando Fideles, Semper Tardes" ("Sometimes faithful, always late") is known and recognized by all the fighters who have fought with and against him (the two are really sysnonymous these days.).

For the Third Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the Barony of Three Rivers, a "TRAITOR BARON SONG CONTEST" was declared, and the entries sung at the revel. The judging was done by watching Baron Stephen's face; a good song brought a brilliant blush from his toes to his ears, as well as a chortle of laughter or a scowl of dismay as the truth hit home.

Here, then, are those songs...................

Table of Contents

Come Follow Me by Lady Alsvith music
Border Raid Morning by Morgana bro Morganwyg
The Baron's Vanity by Lady Arwyn Antarae, Baroness Three Rivers music
What Do You Do With a Traitor Baron by Aelcris Adorian music
Traitor Baron Blues by Innis Chesney music
The Bear and Uncle Stevie by Duane of Derentwater
You Can't Send Your Baron Off (To Fight Three Rivers) by Rednaxela Leachim music
Baron, Ain't You Got No Shame? by Aelcris Adorian
Kill, Ye Warriors, Kill by Aelcris Adorian music
The Traditional Plague Rat Song by The Barony of Three Rivers (and a few friends) and The Traitor Baron Plague Rat Verses, credit given with the verse

All songs copyright 1978 ANDA NAR PRODUCTIONS St. Louis, Missouri

So there you have them....the songs from the Competition, telling in our own words the Saga of Stephen Ironhand, Tales of Treachery.

What will the years say of him? How will future Society members hear the Legend of the Iron Head? Will posterity even care?

The answers to these, and other burning questions, can only be answered by time, and, as we all know, Stephen in always late....

At any rate, he still lives and reigns in the Barony of Three Rivers, our beloved Baron and scheming Seneschal. He still manages to wipe out the creampuff population after our weekly meetings at our usual hangout....and the hangout over his baronial belt is greater than ever.

New additions to the Plague Rat song occur all the time, and your additions (factual only, please; we have quite enough of them that way without resorting to fiction!) will be welcome. Send them to me, his gentle and kind Baroness....and perhaps another songbook will be forthcoming.

For sanity, loyalty, and the
sake of creampuffs everywhere,

I remain,
Baroness Arwyn Antarae

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