Kill, Ye Warriors, Kill

Words: Aelcris Adorian
Tune: Drill Ye Tarriers Drill (?)
Source: Tales of Baron Stephen Ironhand
MIDI file

Every morning at the crack of dawn
There's twenty warriors with their armour on;
And the Baron comes along and he says, "Keep
Still, and come and follow me down this hill,
And kill, ye warriors, kill."

Kill, ye warriors, kill,
It's run all night, and then ye'll fight;
Keep behind your shields,
And kill , ye warriors, kill.

Our new Baron was Ironhand
By Jove, he was a cowardly man!
Down South a word from good King John
Our Baron forgot whose side he's on
So kill, ye warriors, kill!


Illiton had a melee,
And Stephen tried to run away;
Was finished by his very own men,
It really was a fitting end,
So kill, ye warriors, kill!


Well now we have our Birthday bransle
But we'll not tolerate him at all;
So if he tries to run away,
We'll chain him and let the Mead Band play,
So kill, ye warriors, kill...
And loot....and burn....
And rape....and pillage....

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