Come Follow Me
"A Round"

Words: Lady Alsvith
Music: Come Follow Me by John Hilton
Source: Tales of Baron Stephen Ironhand
MIDI file / MIDI file as a round

--This charming round by Lady Alsvith was the Winner of the Traitor Baron Song Contest. We have hopes of going onto the field as a unit, all singing this round, to the consternation of our Baron....

Come follow, follow, follow, follow me to Victory?
But who shall I follow, follow, follow;
Who then shall I follow? "Follow me!"
Baron Stevie, Master Sargent,
Middle or Meridies?

To battle, battle, battle, battle with Meridies
Ironhand is thinking, thinking, thinking;
Ironhand is thinking, 'tis unfair.
They're outnumbered, they're outnumbered,
They're outnumbered, Hail King John!

So turncoat, turncoat, turncoat, turncoat turned our Baron brave,
Has our Traitor Baron, Baron;
he's our Traitor Baron Uncle Stevie;
Now he's also Master Sargent,
Sargent of Meridies!

When Moonwolf, Moonwolf, Moonwolf, Moonwolf heard what he had done,
All the Middle gathered, gathered, gathered,
Gathered 'round to do poor Stephen in!
Save me, King John, save me, King John,
Save me, King John was his plea.

But silent, silent, silent, silent was King John to this
But his forces gathered, gathered, gathered,
Gathered round to do poor Stephen in!
Thus to traitors, thus to traitors,
Thus to traitors everywhere!

But Zarina, rina, rina, rina of the Middle cried,
"That's my darling traitor, traitor, traitor,
That's my darling traitor Ironhand!
He's my champion, he's my champion,
Champion of the Queen he is!"

The moral, moral, moral of the tale is this:
Be like Uncle Stevie, Stevie, Stevie,
Be like Traitor Baron Uncle Steve!
Master Sargent, and Queen's Champion,
Still a Baron then you'll be!

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