Marian (a tale of embroidery)

Words: Hibrida Longhair
Tune: Marianne
Source: Standing Song Stone Book
Excerpted from a work in progress: The Standing Stones' Shirish Filk Embroidery Book

Marian, oh Marian, you impresa me,
Though your parts are bestial,
Displayed for all to see.
Each time I go, I come back cross,
Perhaps I will go blind,
But I can bend you to my will
To show that you are mine.

All day, all night, Marian,
Push and pull my bodkin in Marian,
I cultivate detail in Marian,
Push and pull my bodkin in Marian.

Marian, oh, Marian, you show what my wish is,
In and out from dusk till dawn,
You keep me in stitches,
Marian, on you I count
To exhaust my gros point
And you're the one I choose for
Display about my joint.


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