Zorabb's Song

Words: Brummbär von Schwarzberg
Tune: Winter Wonderland
Source: Standing Song Stone Book

Slave chains ring ... are you listening?
In the air, whips are whistling
What a beautiful sight, a flogging tonight!
Traveling with a slave caravan.

Gone away is their freedom
Sell 'em to whoever needs 'em.
We sing a war song as we go along,
Traveling with a slave caravan.

In the meadow we can burn the village;
We can burn it right down to the ground!
Then we'll rape the women and we'll pillage...
Or maybe it's the other way around .. ? ..

Later on, we'll conspire
Dividing loot around the fire.
To face unafraid the enemies we made,
Traveling with the slave caravan. [reprinted from THREE RIVERS SONG BOOK]

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