PW Ate (Pennsic War VIII)

Words: By: Neandir, Lady of the Flame, Oscar of Stoneman and Duchess Anne of Seldomrest - Aug. 19, AS XIV, 3:15 a.m.
Tune: Blowin' in the Wind
Source: Standing Song Stone Book

What other group puts their men in the field
And hacks at them till they are dead?
What other people will follow their Lord
Not knowing just quite where they're led?
And how many blows does it take from a sword
To know that you really are dead?

The answer today is join the SCA
The answer is join the SCA

How many wars must the Middle Realm win
Before the East knows that they've lost?
And how many deaths will it take till he knows
That they've got no idea of the cost?
And how many times can the Eastern Realm use
The excuse that they've been double crossed?


How many fights does a Lord have to win
Before he is crowned as a King?
How many songs must a person put out
Before people know she can sing?
And how many wars must a person attend
Before he knows just what to bring?


How many lines does a song have to have
Before it can come to an end?
What other place can you go just to kill
And know that you'll never offend?
What other place can you not know a soul
And end up with five thousand friends?


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