The Spanish Inquisition

Words: Anthony R. Lewis
Tune: MacNamara's Band
Source: Standing Song Stone Book, [from the NESFA Hymnal, Second Edition]
A Filksong Folio
MIDI file

Oh, my name is Torquemada; I'm the leader of this band.
Although we're few in numbers, we are feared throughout the land.
We work on Jews and Protestants; we kick them as they fall.
But when we work on heretics, we work the best of all.

Oh, the rocks go creak and the thumbscrews squeak
And the whips, they flail away.
The Jesuit slams the Iron Maiden shut
While I sit in the corner and pray.
Oh, the auto-da-fe is God's chosen way
And the screams of the victims are grand.
Another soul to Heaven...
From Torquemada's band.

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