Consider My Mind

Words and Music: Safiya bin Suleiman (Koshka) (mka Maya Heath)

I've been tryin' all week to tell you,
Baby I'm goin' away.
It really does hurt me to grieve you
I know that I promised to stay

I'd like to sit quietly by you
I've tried but I'm just not that kind
So I'm goin' tomorrow mornin' early
Cause I've got to consider my mind

It's a cold cruel world, baby,
But I never told you otherwise
For a time I guess we were happy
For a time I believed my own lies

I don't know how else to explain it
Believe me I've tried and I've tried
But the ground 'neath my feet is movin'
And I've got to consider my mind.

Hey, please don't cry, remember you've still got your pride
And as for me darlin', I just haven't got the time
The time sweet time.

The sweet silken joys of our mornin's
The deep velvet love of our nights
The good times and bad times together
I know that leavin' you ain't right

But I traveled before I met you
And I'm bound to that road one last time
That's just the way it goes baby
Cause I've got to consider my mind.

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