Koshka's Songs

Arms of Safiya bin Suleiman: Purpure, a stag's head caboshed Or, between its attires seven mullets of eight points in annulo argent, within a bordure indented Or Mistress Safiya bin Suleiman (was Ekaterina Zvyosdosomtseva Kievskaya) (Koshka)
mka: Maya Heath
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Source: Koshka's Songbook
All original music is copyright 1983
Please note, The songs were not identified by author. I think these were all written by Koshka, but if I have someone else's work here, please let me know.

Burp! by Koshka and Wolfgang music

Calontir Game music

Consider My Mind music

Dream of Calontir music

Gay Balalaika music

Granny - The Witch Song (music by Koshka I think) music

Great Wolf music

Greyhound Bound for Pennsic music

Kind Stranger music

Lady Harvest music

Lord of Escher's Child music

Mandala music

Mountain and the Eagle music

My Sweetheart, My Best Cat, and Me music

Queen of Elf's Daughter music

Song for Sean music

Spinning Song (Turn for the Lady) music

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