The Gay Balalaika

Words: Safiya bin Suleiman (Koshka) (mka Maya Heath) and Wolfgang
Music: Safiya bin Suleiman

The gay balalaika plays
Flowers bloom bright in the day.
In the warm summer heat
His memories are sweet
As the soldier comes home from the fray.

The battle is left behind,
A vision is fixed in his mind
A tall peasant girl
With a soft golden curl
His dear one at home he shall find

Weep not my lovely, shed not your tears.
Soon I'll be with you to banish your fears

She sits by the window sill
And dreams of his handsome young face
Her lover returning
An eager heart yearning
For his touch like a delicate lace

Long has she waited here
With doubting fear cold as the grave
She knows in her heart
That her thoughts never part
From her soldier so dashing and brave.

Soon now my sweetheart, you'll be here with me
I'll ease your loneliness with a kiss tenderly.

The steppe lands are vast and green
As only in Russia they be
And soon he'll arrive
With his heart so alive
For his Princess he's waiting to see.

The gay balalaika plays
For the lovers embraced in their joy
In their hearts they remained
The love they maintained
That the loneliness could not destroy.

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