Great Wolf

Words: Safiya bin Suleiman (Koshka) (mka Maya Heath) and Wolfgang
Music: Koshka
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On a cold and cloudy winter's day a-hunting he did go
He saw the great wolf's tracks and he followed through the snow
A greater beast had ne'er been seen by any living man
"I vow", he said "to find that wolf if any hunter can."

Through forest high and meadow low the wolf it led him on
He followed through the day until the sun was gone
He followed til the stars came out and day had turned to night
And still he saw the Great Wolf's tracks illumined by moonlight.

He found it in a clearing where the demons sometimes dance
And woe betide the mortal who is taken there by chance
A devil's cub he knew it for with eyes aflame with hate
He put a shaft up to his bow and to its mark went straight

But when the shaft had struck its mark a scream did split the air
A maiden then he did espy with blood upon her hair
And covered by the wolf's grey hide she fell unto the ground
And running up beside her his true love there he found

In pity and in horror he held her to his breast
And as she bled her life away the truth he grimly guessed
He looked upon her paling face his eyes with torment wild
No woman had his lover been but devil's changeling child

She bid him bend to kiss her lips, her dying breath to pass
The spark of life and soul entwined upon the withered grass
At once their spirits locked and joined he took her by the hand
The mortal bodies left behind the Great Wolves fled the land

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