Lord of Escher's Child

Words and Music: Safiya bin Suleiman (Koshka) (mka Maya Heath)
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As fair a maid as ever stepped, the Lord of Escher's child
And all the country's brave young lads her beauty has beguiled
But nary man nor lad took she nor mortal man would wed
She vowed she'd be content to lie upon her maiden bed.

Unto her father's castle door a dark-eyed stranger came
He strode into the guesting hall and there he called her name
Her secret self to him but known, from him she could not hide
He's come to take her by the hand and claim his chosen bride.

Oh, whither comest thou, fair sir, what country far abide
For ne'er I saw the like of thee in all the land so wide
Nay, ne'er I looked on such a man in all the earth so dear
For naught with eyes your life be seen, in love you do appear

Through countless dreams I've known your heart, your presence haunted me
Your spirit kin entraps my heart, from you I cannot flee
I've seen your face in dreams, my lord, and looked into your eyes
Memories of your soul and mine within my body lies.

A thousand years I've searched for you, a thousand years and more
Since first I loved you long ago upon a distant shore
A thousand years and more, my dear, your love has led me on
And I shall love you ever yet until the stars be gone

I pray you take this gay gold ring and place it on your hand
No earthly mortal's bride you'll be nor wife to living man
For you were mine when time was young and alien stars shone bright
And mine you'll ever after be when all has passed from sight.

Oh, join me in my home so far beyond the endless sea
Where brightly colored fishes play in tuneless melody
Beyond the sight of earth or sky where nameless winds do blow
To tow'rs of shattered crystal, love, there you and I will go.

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