The Helmsman

Words and Music: Mikal Hrafspa (Mikal the Ram)

To oar, to oar, the helmsman did cry
We're close to the shore and the tide's running high
There's gold in this place and we're willing to try
And the gods would favor the bold
These Irish will flee as we come from the sea
Aye the Norsemen are sailing for gold, gold, gold, gold
The Norsemen are sailing for gold

To arms, to arms, the helmsman did say
They've chosen to meet us in battle today
They cannot withstand us, they'll soon run away
And the gods would favor the brave
So let fly the spear, there'll be slaughter here
Aye the Norse have come over the waves, waves, waves, waves
The Norse have come over the waves

Stand firm, stand firm, the helmsman did shout
Though many have fallen our hearts are still stout
Should we retreat it would end in a rout
And the gods would favor the strong
So here we shall stand to the very last man
Aye the Norse will remember our song, song, song, song
The Norse will remember our song

Rise up, rise up, the Valkyries cry
Odin appointed this day you would die
Mount up on our horses, to Valhalla we fly
And the gods still honor the brave
Outnumbered you stood as a true hero would
True Norsemen go such to their graves, graves, graves, graves
Norsemen go such to their graves

No sound, no sound, save the rush of the sea
The ravens are feeding, they won't feed on me
For when our line broke, I hid in the trees
And the gods have forgotten my name
I cannot go home, forever I roam
For the Norse would remember my shame, shame, shame, shame
The Norse will remember my shame

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