Songs written by Mikal Hrafspa (Mikal the Ram)

Arms of Mikal the Ram: Sable, two ram's horns couped affronty within a bordure argent
mka: J. Michael Shew
Source: These songs and stories were saved in part from Cantaria (and the archive of that site at, from Stefan's Florilegium, and various people in Calontir.

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Just who is this
Annoying Bard of
No Redeeming Qualities?

Mikal the Ram, (also referred to as Mikal Hrafspa, a Norse name meaning "Goat's song"), was a bard in the Society for Creative Anachronism. He was a member of the College of Bards in Calontir, and held the rank of Olav, or highest level of expertise in the college, until such rankings were abolished. He was a co-founder of the Bardic Circle of Forgotten Sea, and an honorary member of over 14 households. He was the only bard in Calontir to have offended three different crowns from three different kingdoms in three different camps in one night without being reprimanded or banished. (The bruises are healing.)

Mikal was the third son of a Viking Hersir. The first two sons brought back much gold and honor to their family. Being a devout coward, he outlived them both and inherited.

Mikal completed a 115 page saga cycle of poetry in Norse meter and style, in English. JOHNSAGA is the result of several years of convincing himself that man was never meant to write in Old Norse styles. He also completed a collection of poems, songs and stories entitled The Hornbook of Mikal the Ram. The Hornbook contains thirteen stories and almost as many songs and poems, or, as Mikal put it: enough material for eight really good events...

The Passing of Mikal The Ram

Draw the children close and speak to them softly. Hold them tight, dry their tears as well as your own.
This day there is one less empty bench in Bragi's Hall. Master Mikal Hrafspa, (Mikal the Ram) who referred to himself as an annoying Bard with no redeeming qualities, has taken to the Swan Road one last time.
At 2:15 18 August 2008 he was welcomed into the famed hall of the Skalds and offered his rightful seat near the fire to rest his body for ever more. There his horn will never be empty of mead. His feet never weary from fire walking. Where he can tell tales and sing songs to his hearts content.
His only regret may be that he will never again be able to tell a King that he must turn down a royal invitation and go off to tell tales to the most important people of Calontir, the children. And that the cries and clamor to hear Uncle Master Mikal will be heard no more.
Roust the Heralds and send them forth to spread this sad news through out the Kingdom and Known World.
With bowed head and heavy heart I post this notice;
Master Eadweard Boicewright

At the time of his passing the family requested donations be made to the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation, whose current contact information is at: If you enjoy Master Mikal's songs and wish to contribute, that would be an appropriate place.

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