The Strong And The Stout

Words: Mikal Hrafspa (Mikal the Ram)
The Brewer's and Vintner's guild in Calontir inspire a lot of bards. In my case it's what they make that inspires me!

The strong and the stout, with two such about
All men will be merry and there is no doubt
The noble and peasant together will shout
There's no better friends
Than the strong and the stout

A long time ago when the Romans were here
Along with their armies they brought over beer
They passed it along as they went about
And conquered the world
With the strong and the stout

When speaking of Vikings you better take heed:
They're as fond of killing as they are of mead
But they'll stop their long-ships and turn them about
If they have run dry
Of the strong and the stout

Way up in the Highlands they grow men so wild
That they can wear skirts and nobody will smile
But there isn't a lad there for miles about
Who can stand up against
The good strong and the stout

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